Welcome to the Entrepreneur Life!

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Life!

Since you are reading this, hopefully you already know all about DesignHusky already. But this blog is not really about us, it’s really all about you. The key is that we are entrepreneurs, just like our customers. We provide graphic design service on-demand for entrepreneurs all over the world. We are experts in color theory, semiotics, iconography, photo-editing, and all the other things we need to know in order to deliver great graphic design service to you – fast – at a great price.

Even though it might be tempting to write a blog all about graphic design and art technique, that’s not what our customers like you really need. Because we are on the entrepreneurial journey with our customer in real time.

So, although we may occasionally post about design and art, it will only be in the context of establishing and building your business. Because what a lot of designers forget is that – when it comes to a small business – art is great, but getting and keeping more customers is the ONLY real value there is. We won’t forget that … we can’t. Because we live and breathe that every single day as entrepreneurs ourselves.

We Know About Small Business, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurship

A lot of guru-come-lately wanna-bes on the internet are filled with advice. Hey … sometimes they even deliver a nugget or two of value. But most of the time those folks are writing recycling and regurgitating content. Heck … they may not even be real entrepreneurs.

Everyone at DesignHusky has decades as an actual entrepreneur or I start-ups. We have started more than one successful business. We know what has worked for us and what hasn’t. And while every business is different, the information we’ll share will be coming directly from our heart and experience.

And the best part is that we genuinely, truly want you to succeed. We love everyone who throws caution to the wind and dives in to create their own business. If that’s you – win, lose, or draw – then you ARE the backbone of the economy and innovation. We want you to succeed and are willing to share whatever we know about business with you at no charge.

No lie … we REALLY hope you use us for your graphic design needs. But even if you don’t, all the content on this blog will be for you no matter what.

What We’ll Write About

Since we’ll be handling all the graphic design stuff through the normal course of business, we’ll mostly be writing about everything else that you need to start your small business and keep it running great. That means we have a LOT of ground to cover and plenty of possible topics:

Pricing – Whether you sell a product or a service, deciding how much to charge is a HUGE topic that comes up all the time. It’s never easy.

Marketing – Marketing is another really, really big topic and there is a lot of bad info out there. We’ll share our experience in the trenches from online social media and tracking pixels to trade shows and paid advertising.

Tools – Choosing accounting packages, management tools, eCommerce platforms, productivity apps ... there's tons of stuff out there that is supposed to make the job of running your business easier. We'll let you know what we think about them.

Contractors and Services – We live in the age of the “Gig-Economy.” We’ll write about when to outsource, how to get a good deal, and how to manage their work. 

Hiring and HR – Wow … this is a huge challenge. We’ve learned a lot over the years. 

Reliable Advice – Sometimes we find other sources of information that we have learned to value and trust. Since this is all about you and your success, we’ll share those resources too.

Technology and Websites – We really know our way around tech and the internet. Seriously, we probably know it as well as just about anyone. When we have something to say that will help you get good value and not waste money and time, we’re gonna share that info … hard and fast.

Actually Living as an Entrepreneur – A lot of folks talk about keeping your “work-life” separate from your “personal life.” But we know that the truth is you only have ONE LIFE. Choosing to be an entrepreneur means accepting that harsh reality with all the sacrifices and rewards that come with it. Sure … you need balance and to take time for yourself and your family. But your business is an inextricable part of your life and – if you are fully committed and do it right – there is simply no way to keep them separate. Can’t be done. But we might be able to talk about ways to juggle all that more successfully without burning out, ending up in family therapy, or going bat-crap-crazy.

Getting Started / Motivation – There’s a lot of motivational content out there. But there is a reason for it. Every single one of us needs to get a recharge no and again. So, don’t be surprised if we add a bit of our own get-up-and-go contribution to the reading list now and then.

That’s Why It’s Called The Entrepreneur Life

The more you think about it, the more potential topics there are. Like I said … we’ve lived, so we get it and we’re going to share it with you right here. We’ll even be looking for your comments and take email suggestions and questions to answer here too because we’re on this entrepreneurial journey together.

And it’s an amazing ride that we think is worth every amazing, frustrating, glorious, and crazy minute of it. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.